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Pro Windows only focuses on one goal:

Offering the best windows, combined with the best installation service, for the best possible quote in the Netherlands.

All Pro Steel products are produced on request. This is the main reason nothing is impossible for us, since this allows us to produce steel frames and windows in every conceivable size, color, style and shape. You can always contact us directly to discuss your project with us.

Our Products & Services

Key features

  • Steel
  • uPVC
  • Aluminium

The advantage of steel:

unlike other materials, steel is suited to achieve an elegant, planar mitre

Wide range

of window types and opening styles

Vast variety

of overlying or concealed fitting options – from nostalgic to modern

Wide range

of window types and opening styles


Excellent insulation

Several types of profile

High resistance to water & air infiltration

Renovation frames available

Guaranteed quality of service

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