Aluminium windows

If you would like to replace your windows in the near future, aluminum windows might be the perfect fit for you. This durable, lightweight and strong material offers many great solutions, whilst also offering you a sleek and stylish look comparable to steel. Pro Windows is a professional company specialized in the assemblage and installation of various types of windows, such as steel and aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are a fantastic choice if you would like an alternative for steel windows, or when PVC windows are not a preferrable option.

We make aluminum windows and window frames solely on request, which ensures you opt for a product that fits seamlessly into the façade of your building. Our aluminum windows are strong, offer a high durability and are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors. This means you can match any type of building with our windows; from residential spaces to commercial and public buildings.

Why choose aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows were developed in the 1930’s and have gained in popularity since then, due to the very lightweight material. For some people steel might be a little bit too expensive, in such cases aluminum is a very interesting extra option. You can also choose to replace your current window frames with aluminum windows, even if your windows are made from a different material.

Aluminum windows come in various shapes and sizes, which we can discuss and implement for you on request. You can choose various types of glass, which means you can save energy during the cold months if you choose proper insulation. There are many different profiles available, making it possible to pick the design that matches the overall outlook of your building. Next to windows, we also offer aluminum doors both for internal and external use. Feel free to contact us to discuss your personal preferences.

Technical characteristics

Our aluminum windows share the following specifications and benefits:

  • We use profiles made by Akotherm and Aluprof
  • The window frames benefit from a multi-chamber structure, which offers perfect insulation
  • The windows offer a very high resistance to different weather conditions, as well as a high resistance to infiltration of water, air and dirt
  • The windows are fire-proof
  • Our aluminum windows and doors are available in different sizes and shapes, available on request
  • Our aluminum doors are also available with an invisible frame

Benefits of aluminum windows

Aluminum windows offer many benefits, such as a very high durability and a resistance to dirt, mildew and rust. If well-maintained, corrosion will not damage the window frames, meaning your windows will last for many years. The windows don’t need much maintenance, since aluminum does not crack or warp like other materials. Aluminum windows are also more affordable than steel windows, making this a good option for customers who want to renovate on a slightly tighter budget.

If you would like to know more about our windows and options, please feel free to contact us anytime for more information or personal advice. With many years of experience, we can professionally assemble and install your windows ensuring a perfect fit with your building.