Steel windows

Steel windows and doors in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a truly unique and stylish product that will provide your building with an entirely new façade? Then our steel windows might be exactly what you are looking for. With many years of experience in creating and installing glass and steel windows, doors and partitions, we know like no other company how this can change the entire outlook of your residential home or office building. Steel windows also fit very well in commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels and other public facilities like doctor’s offices, governmental buildings and pharmacies.

Since we make all steel windows solely on request, we can offer a wide plethora of interesting and classic designs, sizes, colors and shapes. Our steel windows are extremely durable, can withstand every imaginable weather condition and will generally last a lifetime. The steel frames are adaptable to any style, meaning both historical buildings as well as modern façades will greatly benefit from the new addition.

Why choose steel windows?

Renovating or replacing entire window frames is quite an extensive job, that is best left to a specialized company such as Pro Windows. Windows and window frames need to be carefully placed and installed correctly, to avoid situations such as moisture and water dripping in from outside. Our steel windows are made of the best quality materials, next to that we offer you professional installation services so you can rest assured that your windows are installed properly.

Steel windows have been used for more than 100 years by now and became very popular in residential homes from the 1960’s onward. Steel windows are extremely durable and strong, which means you will generally never have to replace your windows once they are in place. The aesthetics of steel windows also match any building with ease and finesse; the end result is a brand new interior and exterior that matches your exact preferences.

Technical characteristics

Steel windows have many benefits and interesting specifications:

You can create windows with multiple dimensions, ranging from normal to very large

We offer multiple opening options including various handles

Our windows come with various types and qualities of insulation

We also offer extremely slim steel windows with an rp fineline profile from 45 mm going upwards

Steel offers many advantages such as longevity, durability and a classic yet contemporary look

Stainless steel hinges that withstand corrosion easily

We can also offer concealed drainage for a clean outer appearance

Benefits of steel windows

The small width of the rp fineline profiles offers you loads of possibilities in the field of architecture and design. Our windows match almost every building, making it possible to create different looks for your façade. Steel windows meet the strictest standards, ensuring that the product you invest in will last a lifetime. Our windows are also ecologically friendly and installed by a team of experts, who know exactly how to follow all necessary guidelines and regulations.

If you would like to receive a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer the taking of measurements and valuation for free. Afterwards our assembly team and specialists will start their work and ensure you choose and receive the optimal design solutions and end-product.